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Review ♥ ESPOLEUR Pressed Eyeshadow (B2D4G4 Brown) / エスポルール プレスアイシャドウ ブラウン

I bought this from DAISO for 100JPY (tax not included).  It is the cheapest single eyeshadow that  have bought and seen so far. Even though the price is so cheap, they still managed to make a cute container for it.  There is a flower-like pattern and is made of plastic.

There are some precautions at the back. The name of this product is also stated here and the address of the manufacturer.

They are very generous on giving quite large quantity than the other single eyeshadows. This could last me a year or more than.

The shade is kinda subtle but it is buildable. This would be great for simple looks or one colored eyeshadow. It has shimmers in it.

It is not that pigmented but I love it.
It looks very simple and is perfect for work. The shimmers makes the eyeshadow alluring.

This is really perfect for simple look.  It is subtle but simply pretty.

After 7 hours, it slightly faded but the color is still noticeable.
The shimmers makes the eyeshadow pretty. It looks great even without other shades. It is easy …

Review ♥ REVLON ColorBurst Matte Balm (Standout)

The packaging is very simple. I love the way they decide to paint the packaging according to the actual color of the product.

This is not brand new when I took a shot of this. I have it more than a year since I don't use it often, not because I don't like the product but because I am not used on wearing red lipstick.

The shade looks very pretty. This is the red that I would love to wear. Though I don't like red that much, but this one is my favorite red lipstick.

The pigmentation is excellent! 

I can wear it like lip tint. This also looks pretty for gradient.

I usually wear this lipstick like this. I just swipe a little amount on my lips and then scatter it with my fingers. With this, the color still looks pretty. It looks like a stain on my lips.

It felt like a powder on lips with this application.

This is what it looks like on full application. It is kinda hard to apply for me because the lipstick is big in size so I used a lip brush.

It feels very comfortable. There is a pepper…