Review ♥ ADD ME TOKYO Dry Blush Cleaner (Dry Brush Cleaner)

     I bought this from Don Quijote (Shibuya branch), a big discount store in Japan. I already lost the receipt and I also forgot the exact price but I am sure that this costs between 500 to 600 Japanese Yen. 

     Everything at the back is in Japanese since this is a Japanese product. But the pictures are enough to know the ways on using this.

     This is my first dry brush cleaner so I can not compare this with other brands. I also don’t know if this has good quality or bad. 

     The case is made of aluminum and there is also a cap to protect it from dust and dirt.

     This really works! After using my brush with a powder eyeshadow, I can immediately reuse it with other powder eyeshadow by cleaning it with this tool. 

     Some of the powders went down to the bottom so I think this tool will also be easy to clean.

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