Review ♥ RZ Handheld Garment & Facial Steamer

     I have been wanting to buy a facial steamer since I arrived in here in Philippines because we have no water heater in the shower here. It's kinda hard to open the pores on my face so some pimples have showed up. I searched in malls but I wasn't to find any so I tried searching the internet and found this.

     I bought this from Lazada, a big online shop in Philippines similar to Amazon. This product has a lot of sellers but I bought this from Gonzales General Merchandise because the shop sells it with a pore vacuum included. This costs 595 Philippine Pesos (tax included). I believe that this is also available in other countries since this is just also an import from other country. The price may vary in every seller. 

     Aside from being a facial steamer this is also a garment steamer but I won't use it for that purpose. I'll use this exclusively as a facial steamer. Since this brand is not well-known, I am quite doubting on it's quality.

     According to the description on the box, this is a 4 in 1 beauty facial steamer; deep skin moisturizing, deep skin cleansing, soften the skin cuticle, and improve skin condition. I believe on their claims because that's what a facial steamer really do. 

     The rated voltage is 220-240V~50/60Hz. The rated power is 750W/375W. The water tank capacity is 200ml.

     There are 3 available shades of this which are white, pink, and blue. I got the pink one.

     Inside the box there are 4 items; the facial steamer, the measuring cup, the brush (I don't know exactly the purpose of it), and the instruction manual.

     The product really looks cheap. The materials used are not good quality so it is very necessary to use this with care.

  1. This is where the steam will come out.
  2. This is the power indicator. The red thing will light up when the steamer in turned on.
  3. This is the water level indicator. The maximum water level is 300ml but it is recommended to only pour 200ml when to be used as facial steamer.
  4. This is the safety valve. This is where the water is to be poured. 
  5. This is the feature button. There are 2 options when turning this on, pushing up and down. Pushing it up makes more powerful steam. Pushing down is ideal for facial steam.

     The other 2 items included are the measuring cup and this brush which I have no idea. (maybe this is for the garment) The line where the max is indicated is equivalent to 100ml.

     At the top of the product, just near the safety valve, there is a notice. So when, using this as a facial steamer, you should be 20cm away from the outlet of the steam.

     The information indicated here is also indicated on the box.

     Please click the picture above to enlarge the image.

     I have only used this product twice and will still use this. Yes it is cheap but the effect is just the same with other steamers. Just handle this one with extra care to prolong its life. 


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