Review ♥ LOUJENE TOKYO Salon Nail Sticker (34 Flower & Sweet Letter) / サロンネイルシール(34はな&スウィートレター)

     Getting a nail art in a nail salon is very expensive. I don't have a budget for that and I think that it will be a waste cause I know that it will be ruined easily with me. Doing a nail art is also not my thing and I don't have talents on that so this nail stickers is the answer to my wanting to experience a nail art.

     I bought this from Can Do, a 100 Japanese Yen variety store in Japan, for 100 Japanese Yen (tax not included). It is very cheap compared to other nail stickers that are available on the market. 

     The packaging looks nice and really cute. The design persuaded me more to buy this nail sticker aside from wanting to try this. 

     There are 14 nail stickers inside instead of just 10 so we can pick a design and size. 2 out of the 14 nail stickers are French style. 

     The design of the stickers are pretty. I have tried putting on a nail sticker before but I failed because I didn't took time to read the instruction and just put them directly on my nails which is a bad idea. This time, I will be reading the instructions and will follow it.

  1. Prepare nail surface and apply base coat.
  2. Cut and adjust the sticker with scissors according to the cuticle line. Please select the sticker according to the size and shape of the nail, and the pattern of your choice.
  3. Peel off the sticker from the transparent sheet using a stick or other tool. Stick to the nails avoiding wrinkles on forming. Rub them tightly.
  4. Fold the excess sticker on the tip of the nail.
  5. Place the file under the tips of the fingernail and rub slightly. Scrape off the excess sticker.
  6. Apply top coat all over the nails.
HOW TO REMOVE: Slowly peel off from the end of the sticker with an orange stick. If you are having difficulty peeling off, please use a light removal solution. After peeling, please treat the nails with nail oil etc.

  • If there is abnormality or allergy on the nail, please refrain from using.
  • When abnormalities appears on the nails during use, stop using and consult a skin specialist.
  • If you pull the sticker hardly, it may be torn or shrink after pasting so please be careful.
  • Please do not use other than the main purpose.
  • If you do chores that needs contact to water or bathing, the sticker becomes easy to peel off. Please note that when applying top coat in large quantities from the top of the sticker, it will cause shrinkage or tearing.
  • Depending on the storage method and nail state, it may be difficult to stick.
  • Please avoid using continuously for a long time.
  • Please keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not store in extremely hot or cold places, direct sunlight places.
  • Please be careful with fire as it is flammable.
MANUFACTURE DETAILS: Designed in Japan / Made in Korea

     I cut or shaped the stickers according to the shape of my nail base. I also chose 10 stickers that fit. 

     Here are my nails without anything on. I'm not good at doing my nails so it kinda look messy in this picture. 

     I applied a hardener base coat first before applying the sticker as instructed. The purpose of the base coat is also to protect your nails. My application was not that perfect but it will do.

     I used an orange stick to get the stickers to avoid ruining it. It is much easier to get the stickers with the nail but it wrinkles.

     My application wasn't perfect but it looks nice from afar. There are some particular nails where the sticker is hard to smooth out. My nails look messy because of the base coat which I wasn't able to apply perfectly. 

     I applied a top coat and wait for them to dry. I noticed that if you put too much coat, the stickers will wrinkle so be very careful not to put on too much, 1 layer will be enough.

     I have able to wear these stickers for a whole day. On the 3rd day, two of the stickers were already peeled off so I also peeled the others. I noticed that the stickers that were peeled off were those that were not smoothen out or wrinkled. I am already satisfied that these stickers can be worn up to two days. I didn't protected my nails so that added to the reasons why the two went off. 

     I would like to try more of this when I have the chance. This is perfect to wear on events or in a date. It is easy to apply so you can apply this on the day of the event.

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