Review ♥ EXECUTIVE OPTICAL Flex Wear Flair Soft Colored Contact Lenses (Pansies)

     I used to love wearing contact lenses during my high-school days. It makes my eyes look bigger and cuter. I also love how it changes my eye color and changes the mood of my face. I still love wearing contact lenses but after high school, I was too busy to wear lenses.

     I bought this from Executive Optical, an eye wear store in Philippines, for 190 Philippine Pesos per pair. Since my eyes are in good condition, I only bought 0 grade lenses. This is good for a month.

     Our eyes are very delicate and we need to take an extra care when applying this to avoid any problems and infections. It is very necessary to follow the instructions and read all that is written on the label before using. 

     It's good that this is not only for fashion purposes, it also blocks ultra violet rays so this has also benefits.

     This pair is 2 tone and has a diameter of 14. 

     There is nothing special about these lenses. They are kinda brown but it will probably not so noticeable. It will just make your eyes look bigger.

     Just what I thought, there is nothing fancy about these lenses but they made my eyes appear bigger. Somehow, I can see some brown on.

     It made my eyes look cuter. This kind of contact lens will probably look good on any makeup style. It is also very comfortable to wear, just don't forget to use an appropriate eye drop whenever you feel that it's drying.

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