Review ♥ ELUJAI Propolis Myrhh Ample Light

     I can't remember the exact price of this but it is around 150 Philippine Pesos per bottle. I bought this from the Pop Culture in Trinoma and the bottle wasn't full to the top. I noticed that this product is really not full even in the other stores. 

     Propolis is also known as bee glue that is produced by bees that they use to cover the spaces on their bee hives. I really don't know the purpose of this but this is really famous so I bought one. After buying this, I learned that this is a good antioxidant and it makes your skin brighter and calm.

     A bottle contains 15 ml of the serum and is made in Korea,

     This has a dropper so balancing the appropriate amount to apply is easy.

     I really love the texture of this. It makes my skin supple after applying. It feels like the skin of baby. My skin absorbs the product very fast or in an instant. It also has a smell of a baby powder or cologne which I super like.

     My skin really loves this product and it is very comfortable. I didn't have any problems with this.


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