Review ♥ DAISO Espoleur Color Eyeliner (Black) / ダイソーエスポルール カラーアイライナー (ブラック)

     I used to be a fan of eyeliner but I stopped it when I started working. Applying eyeliner is very challenging for me because my upper eyelids are not even. I always fail every time I attempt the cat eye. But now I would like to start again on eyeliners.

     I bought this from Daiso, a variety store in Japan, for 200 Japanese Yen (tax not included). Usually, the pricing in Daiso is 100 Japanese Yen but this one is different. Maybe this products has higher quality than the other liquid eyeliners that are available there. 

     There are no English translations on the label so this is a bit challenging. What I usually do before was to translate everything but it takes so much of my time so my posts were delayed. So now, I will just upload the picture of the label and just concentrate with the effect of the product.

     The tip of the liquid eyeliner is stiff and similar to a pentel pen. I've seen a lot of pen eyeliners like this before but I haven't tried one yet. Before, I usually use brush type pen eyeliners.

     What I like about this is that you can control the thickness of the eyeliner. You can draw very thin and you can also draw a thick line. I want my eyeliner to be thin, which is kinda hard to do with other eyeliners, so I think this will be the perfect type of eyeliner for me.

     The eyeliner doesn't smudge and dries easily so there are less worries that this will ruin your eye makeup. 

     The only problem is that it is not waterproof. It will probably come off after contact with water but what good is, it won't become messy or won't cause black ink to scatter on your eye area. The product becomes tiny particles after contact with water which you can easily rub and wipe off.

     The application was very easy. Usually, I always struggle with an eyeliner and usually takes about 5-10 minutes just to perfect . Sometimes, I erase and repeat everything because it becomes too thick. But with this eyeliner, everything became fast and easy.

    I applied the eyeliner very thin because my upper eyelids are low. If I will make it thicker, it won’t look good.  Cat eye also don't look good on me.

     Cat eye doesn’t look good on me so I won’t attemp to do it. I am contented with this kind of eyelining. It has a good pigmentation so there are no other problems other than this being not water-proof.

     I still need to test the longevity of this product.

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