Review ♥ TONYMOLY Delight Tony Tint Nail (01 Cherry Pink) / トニモリ ティントネイル (01 チェリーピンク)

     I love lip tints and actually, most of my lip products are tints. So when I came across with this tint nail,  I grabbed one right away. I have already used this a few times before but I have never tried applying another layer after the first layer.

     Though you can buy this from Tonymoly shops and some online stores, I bought mine from a drugstore in Japan because at first, I didn't knew it was from Tonymoly. There is only one available shade at that time so I have no choices. I can't remember the price but it is not more than 1,000 Japanese Yen. 
     According to Tonymoly, the shade of this tint nail is similar to their lip tint which is also cherry pink. Just like lip tints, this product is said to color your nails with tint for a dazzling gradation look. 

Ingredients: Butyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Ethyl Acetate, Acrylates Copolymer, Isopropanol, Dipropylene Glycol Dibenzoate, Ethanol, Camphor, Octocrylene, CI 60725, CI 26100

Precautions: Discontinue use if there is abnormality in nails and fingers. After use, please close the cap tightly. • Please keep it out of reach of infants and pets. • Do not store in direct sunlight, extremely hot or cold places. • Highly inflammable.

Volume/Size: 8 ml

Manufacturer Details: Made in Korea / Production Source - International Cosmetics Company, Tokyo-to  Chuo-ku Nihombashi Hamacho 1-12-9 (Japan)

     It was easy to use even though the cap is big because the applicator is long. The bristles are also soft so I have no problem with streaks.
     The scent is not sweet like the lip tint. (That was already expected though.) It is just similar to other nail polishes so please avoid inhaling this.

How to apply:
1. Apply one coat all over the nail.
2. Wait until dry then apply one coat over the 2/3 of the upper nail.
3. Finish off with applying one more coat over the 1/3 of the upper nail.

     I don't know if it's just me or this doesn't look good at all or maybe my application was wrong but I tried my best to follow the instructions. It was hard to do this because my nails are short but maybe if my nails were longer, the finish look might be better. 

     Since the finish look wasn't that good, I thought that applying another layer all over my nails would make everything a little better. And I was right, it made everything a little better but my application was a little bit messy.

     I also tried applying this just like a regular nail polish to see show you how it looks like. I always opted for the 1st layer and never tried putting on another layer because I don't want bold nail polish.

     Here is the 1st layer. The color is really cherry pink and I'm already contented with this even though it is hard to even out with the 1st layer.

     Here is the 2nd layer. It is still uneven but it looks like gradation so it looks pretty. But the shade doesn't look cherry pink anymore and it is turning to red.

     Here is the 3rd layer. I'll stop with this layer because it is already thick at this time. My application isn't perfect but with the 3rd layer, it will be easy to even out. Now, it looks completely red rather than pink but it still looks like cherry to me.

     It doesn't dry fast when you put multiple layers but with one layer, it's fast. I hate waiting for a long time and I just bump my nails everywhere so I removed the polish and opted for a 1st layer.

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