Review ♥ DAISO Ever Bilena Liquid Foundation (Beige) / ダイソーエバビレーナリキッドファンデーションブラシ(ベージュ)

     My favorite foundation is about to run out and I need to find a replacement soon before I emptied it. I don't wanna buy the same foundation because I want to discover and try other brands. It doesn't have to be pricey and if I fail on a particular foundation, I will still continue to find the one that is right for me.

     I can't remember the branch where I bought this but this is from Daiso and it costs 100 Japanese yen (tax not included). I've already seen this a several times before and I believe that this one is also available at Daiso's branch that are outside Japan. 

     This has no packaging. It is just wrapped with a protective plastic where the bar-code, ingredients, and English precautions are also indicated.

     Here are the information, instruction, precaution, and ingredients:
Information: Everbilena Liquid Foundation C: Beige
Instruction: Please take a proper quantity to a finger or sponge, and lengthen it well to the whole face.
Precaution: If something happen the trouble on your skin using them, please stop them. (This is quite confusing.)
Ingredients: Water, Mineral Oil, Propylene Glycol, Stearic Acid, Trethanolamine, Cetyl Alchohol, Beeswax, Propylparaben, Fragrance, (+/-) Titanium Dioxide, Talc, Kaolin, Iron Oxides

     I removed the plastic. The container is plastic and feels really cheap but it is understandable for its price. I can also see that this is full to the top. 

     At the back, the information about this liquid foundation is stated which is just quite the same as the translated version that I stated earlier. But here, the amount is stated which is 38 ml and it is also stated that this is made in Taiwan.

     The consistency of this is very thick and creamy, It is more of a mousse than a liquid. It has a very faint scent that I can't describe but it is not the fragrance.

     The shade looks a little darker on my skin but I think I can make a way to make it lighter since it not too dark. It dries on my skin very fast and I can already see from here that it has a light to medium coverage despite of having thick consistency.

    This is my bare and haggard face with moisturizer on. I recommend you to put on a moisturizer because this really dries up fast and a moisturizer will give you more time to blend. This foundation has a light coverage so it is also recommended to put on a CC Cream or BB Cream before the foundation if you have redness and spots to hide. 

     I have tried different kinds of foundation applicator but this method works the best. Since the foundation is dry, I thought that using a wet puff or sponge will make things easier. With other applicators, the foundation became patchy, created tiny particles, uneven, hard to blend, and not buildable but with this method, everything became easy. It gave more coverage, no patchiness, no tiny particles forming, became even, easy to blend, buildable, and most important is wearable.

     With the help of CC Cream, the foundation looked so much better. Though some dark spots are still noticeable, the coverage is better. 

     I also added a powder foundation on top which made everything better, The foundation now looks flawless and if I weren't tell, no one would know that I used a very cheap liquid foundation.

     With the full makeup on, no one would really notice that I used a very cheap foundation. It can now be compared to other foundation that is much pricier. Just remember to use a wet puff or sponge, put a moisturizer then CC cream, next the foundation, and lastly, a powder on top. 
     Honestly, the first time I tried this, I thought that this won't be wearable. I used a foundation brush that time and this liquid foundation really looked terrible. I also tried using a puff that is dry and still it looked terrible. I don't want to fail on this and I want every little makeup that buy to work so I looked at that problem. The problem is that it dries up fast and it is thick so I thought that the water might be the solution. So I wet the puff and then the foundation worked well.

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