Review ♥ CRAYON TOUCH ME Eyebrow Mascara (Light Brown & Soft Brown) / クレヨンタッチミー アイブロウマスカラ (ライトブラウン&ソフトブラウン)

     I was not satisfied with the last eyebrow mascara I've used so I'm still searching for a good one. I've never tried a product from Crayon Touch Me before but there are good reviews with the brand despite of being cheap so I'm hoping that this product much better than the previous one.

     I bought these from Can Do, a 100 Japanese Yen variety shop in Japan, at their Shibuya branch and each costs 100 Japanese Yen (tax not included). I have searched Google and found out that there are resellers outside Japan but the price is much higher. 

     The design of the packaging is really cute. I don't know why but almost all of the 100 Japanese Yen cosmetics have really cute packaging. They really out an effort to make the packaging persuading.

     There are 3 shades of this but there are only 2 available shades at the branch where I bought these. The shades that I got are light brown and soft brown. The other shade that I don't have is natural brown.

  • When removing, use a remover and then wash with a facial cleanser.
  • Before sleeping, always wash off the product.
  • Please do not use for purposes other than the original purpose. 
  • Do not use if you have weak skin, to children, with allergies, scratches, swollen, etc. If there is abnormality on your skin please do not use 
  • Please use carefully whether there is abnormality on your skin.
  • During use or after using and abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, color loss (vitiligo etc.) and dark spots appears stop using immediately. It is recommend that you consult a specialist as it may worsen the symptoms if you continue to use.
  • Please be careful not to enter the eyes. When accidentally contacted, please wash with water immediately without rubbing. 
  • Please do not keep in a place close to fire or high humidity, high temperature or direct sunlight. 
  • Please note that dropping or giving a shock may cause the container to break.
  • It may become a stain. Please avoid contact to clothes.
  • Please close the cap tightly after use. 
  • Do not pull too much or do not exert excessive burden. Damage may occur 
  • Depending on usage conditions, discoloration and quality deterioration may occur.
  • Please do not use for children under 7 years of age.
  • Please do not lick or put in the mouth.
INGREDIENTS: Water, Paraffin, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Cetyl Alcohol, PG, Montan Wax, Carnauba Wax, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben (+/-) Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide

OTHER PRODUCT INFORMATION: Made in Taiwan / Designed in Japan

     The container or the tube doesn't look or feel cheap. No one would know that these just cost 100 Japanese Yen each without knowing the brand and the price. The tube is jet black and sleek, and simple. The weight is not light unlike other cheap eyebrow mascaras.

     The light brown seems very light. I think this shade go well to those who have bleached hair or ash brown hair. The soft brown might be good to those who have blonde hair or brown colored hair.

     This is the first time I've seen an eyebrow mascara applicator that looks like this. It's not the typical applicator that we're used too. The other side has short bristles while the other side has long bristles. I don't know the purpose of this but I think this is for precision.

     Here are the swatches of the light brown and the soft brown. The shades looks nice and it transfer easily. The light brown looks matte and pale while the soft brown has fine gold shimmers in it but is almost unnoticeable.

     The consistency is creamy and is just right for an eyebrow mascara. It is not too thick to the point that it'll create lumps.

     The scent of the mascara is almost unnoticeable. You'll only smell it if you'll intend to smell.

     What I don't like in this product is the stopper on the tube. It will be much better if it's tighter because there are too much product sticking on the applicator which will make application hard and messy.

  1. From the outer end of the eyebrow to the inner end, brush the hair against the growing direction.
  2. From the inner end to the outer end of the eyebrow, brush the hair following the growing direction.

     Here are my bare eyebrows. I'm not good at shaping them so they might not look good to you. I am also bad at grooming.

     The light brown doesn't look good on me. The shade is like an eyebrow concealer but it can be seen on this picture that the mascara really covers the hair. I have dark to medium brown hair so this really won't go well on me. (There are no other products under the eyebrow mascara.)

     The shimmers on the soft brown isn't noticeable unless if you'll look closely. I wasn't too careful on putting the product so it was kinda messy plus the amount of the product on the applicator was really hard to deal with. (There are no other products under the eyebrow mascara.)  

     Here, I applied with an eyebrow pencil first before the mascara. It didn't go well but this might depends with the eyebrow pencil that you're going to use and the shade.

     It took 5 minutes for the product to completely dry. It is smudge-proof but it easily goes off with water

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