Lucky Bag ♥ ETUDE HOUSE 2018 / 福袋エチュードハウス2018

     Every new year, here in Japan, almost all of the shops sell fukubukuro or lucky bag which contains items that are unknown until you open it. The total price of the items inside is twice and usually thrice the price of the lucky bag. If you're lucky, you'll get more than thrice. I wanted to buy a lot but I have other priorities so I only got to buy 1 fukubukuro this year but this is from one of my favorite makeup brands.

     I never expected to be able to buy a lucky bag from Etude House because it was already January 3 when I went to the shop in Shibuya109. I thought that the lucky bag was already sold out since January 1 but I was surprised that there are still 4 bags.

     Unlike the other lucky bags, the items inside of this can be seen even before you purchase it so I am already assured that everything inside will satisfy me. All of the lucky bags available has the same items inside so there's no need to buy two but if the items we're different, I would have buy more than one.

     One lucky bag costs 3,000 Japanese Yen (tax included) , and available every new year. The price is cheap considering the total price of the items inside is twice or more than the price of the lucky bag.

     The first three items inside are these sample sizes  of their moistfull skin care. There is no equivalent price for these since these are just freebies that you will get when you reach a certain amount when buying on their shop.

     The fourth item is this Tint My Brows Gel in Light Brown. I am really happy that this is included in the bag because I really wanted to buy this but I'm always hesitating when I'm already in the shop because of the price. The original price of this is 1,296 Japanese Yen (tax included). That is already expensive for me.

     The fifth item is this Dear Darling Soda Tint in the shade of PP501. I also wanted to try their Soda tints and I was very lucky that I got the shade that I want. The original price of this is 756 Japanese Yen (tax included)

     The sixth item is this Play 101 Stick in the shade of 11 Cocoa. I wanted to collect all the shades of this but it's expensive so I couldn't. The original price of this is 1,728 Japanese Yen (tax included). The total of all the items right now has exceeded the price of the lucky bag but there are still more.

     The seventh item is this Wonder Fun park Roller Lash Brown. I haven't seen this one before and it is not available on their Japanese website neither but I saw it on their Korean website and available for about 270 Japanese Yen. I haven't tried wearing false lashes on my reviews so maybe I'll start wearing this soon. 

     The eight item is this Play 101 Pencil in the shade of 61. I also wanted to collect all the shades of this but it will cost me a lot. I already bought 2 of this years ago and I loved it. The original price of this is 900 Japanese Yen (tax included).

     The ninth item is this Any Cushion Color Corrector in Lavender. This is one of their expensive product and I was really surprised to see this inside the bag. I wanted to try the green one of this but I'm still glad I got this. The price of this is 1,944 Japanese Yen (tax included).

     The tenth item and the last item inside is this Real powder Cushion in Light Beige. I am really surprised that they put 2 cushions inside the bag. I have finished my cushion months ago and I'm really happy to receive this. This costs 2,376 Japanese Yen (tax included) and is the most expensive item inside the bag.

     So that's all inside the Etude House lucky bag 2018. I'm looking forward again for their next year's fukuburo and hoping to get one. I will be making a review on these items one by one so please wait for it. 

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