Review: MISSHA Air In Puff (Cushion Foundation Designated Puff)

I saw this Missha Air In Puff in a drugstore and thought that this could be the fastest and convenient tool to apply foundation. I used to own a Missha Cushion Foundation and I really loved it. 

INGREDIENTS ♥ Wet Process Polyurethane.

STRUCTURE ♥ According to MISSHA, this puff has a 3-layer structure. The middle layer absorbs the product and dispenses it through the bottom layer, evenly distributing the product to skin. The adherence was also increased. It is made of Polyutherane material with fine holes that applies makeup evenly, and improves its adherence with more patting.

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COLOR ♥ The color is  royal blue. For me colored puffs such as this are much better than white ones because the stains are really hard to remove and it makes puffs look dirty. 

TEXTURE ♥ The puff is so soft and smooth. This is really friendly and gentle on the face. It is the most comfortable applicator that I have ever used.

HOW TO USE ♥ According to MISSHA, grab the product with the puff and gently pat and sweep outward from the center of the face. Misting the puff before usage can provide a more dewy finish. 


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ABSORPTION ♥ This does not absorb a lot of liquid. It is as if all the liquids that I applied on the puff were all transferred to my face. This won`t waste makeup products.

DISTRIBUTION ♥ It distributes the product perfectly and easily. I used patting method on this and it gave me more coverage than using other tools on applying my liquid foundation. There are also no streaks and gives an air-brush finish.

USABILITY ♥ I use it in almost all kinds of liquid and cream makeups like primer, CC cream, BB cream, foundation, cream blush,  and a lot more. This is an ultimate tool for me.

CLEANABILITY ♥ This is very easy to clean. I just wipe of the product on the puff gently with a tissue and then use again the same puff to apply another product. It is also very easy to clean with a soap and water.

AVAILABILITY & PRICE ♥ (Place *soon) (Price *soon) This is also available in MISSHA`s official US site for 5.60 US Dollars that comes in 4 pieces. (Click here to directly to the site.) I also checked this on Amazon Global and it is available for 7 US Dollars that also comes in 4 pieces. (Click here to go directly to the site.

My Thoughts
♥ It is very easy to clean with a tissue. I am able to use it immediately for the next liquid product that I'm going to apply.
♥ It is the best tool when you're in a rush. It does not absorb large amount of liquid so it will transfer a lot on your face resulting to a much better coverage. And you will just pat it and you're done.
♥ I can use it with almost all of the liquid and cream makeup products like cream contour and cream blush.

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