Review ♥ DAISO Nail Color Little Twin Stars (Aurora Purple) / ダイソーネイルカラーキキララオーロラパープル

     I don't do my nails much. Why? Because I am not good with it. I always fail when I put on nail color and can't manage to make it perfectly. But when I saw this, I thought of giving this a try because the color is really beautiful. Actually, almost all of the colors available are so beautiful. 

     I bought this from Daiso in Shibuya for 100 Japanese Yen (tax not included). My purpose was not to buy this but the color is very persuading so I bought it anyway. Actually, I wanted to buy the other shades too but I thought that I won't be able to use all and will just become a waste.

     The packaging is really cute too. I wanted to collect them all and display them on a shelf but it's impossible. The brush holder or the cap matches the color of the nail polish. 

     Inside the circle sticker, where the "Aurora Purple" is stated, it is also stated that this product contains polarization pearl. Probably, that's the reason why this nail polish looks magical.

     Here at the back, the information, precaution, ingredients, and manufacturer details are stated:
Information: Hello Beauty Selection / Nail Color / 5 ml

  1. Do not use when there's abnormalities or when it does not fit your nails. 
  2. Please shake well before use.  
  3. Do not mix with other nail colors (bottle breakage may occur) (flammable).

Ingredients: Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose,  Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, Phthalic Anhydride/ Trimellitic Anhydride/ Glycols Copolymer, Isopropyl Alcohol, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Silica, Adipic Acid/ Fumaric Acid/ Phthalic Acid/ Tricyclodecane Dimethanol Copolymer, Citric Acid, Titanium Dioxide, Manganese, Tin Dioxide

Manufacturer: Friend Co., Ltd. / Made in China/ ©1976. 2017 Sanrio Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan Ⓛ M / Sanrio License

     The brush is just right for me. I like nail colors with a brush like this rather than those with wider or bigger brushes. For me, the hardest part on painting my nails is applying on the edges, where I always fail and repeat, but with this I was able to paint perfectly.

     The consistency of this is not thick, which I prefer on nail polishes, that it is easily glides on my nails without forming bulges and bubbles. It also dries fast so I don't have to wait for too long to do other tasks.

     The scent is similar to other nail polishes but it'll be gone when it gets dry. It is best not to inhale the scent if possible. You can also use mask when applying nail polish, like I do. The scent may cause nausea or headache.

     This is the 1st layer of the nail polish. This is very sheer but the purple polarization is there. It is pretty and perfect when you want a not-so-obvious nail polish. I usually stop at 1st layer because I want my nail color to be simple and light. 

     This is the 2nd layer of the nail polish. This is still sheer but it becomes more pretty when hit by the light. The purplish color is becoming more obvious. 

     This is the 3rd layer of the nail polish. The "Aurora Purple" is really the perfect name for this color. It is very pretty and here, the purple color came out. This made me wanna try the other shades too.

     I removed my nail polish after taking the photo of the 3rd layer and painted again and settled for the 1st layer. It lasted for 3 days on my fingernails even though I am doing house chores. On my toenails, a week had passed but the nail polish still looks perfect.

     I haven't encountered any problem during the use of this. I don't have any complains neither. Even though the smell is annoying, I couldn't complain on that because that's what nail polishes mostly smells like.


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