Review: AC MAKEUP TOKYO Automatic Eyebrow Pencil (Medium Brown & Dark Brown)

     Here is another eyebrow product review. I have recently reviewed an eyebrow product from the same brand but unfortunately, I was not satisfied. I badly needed an eyebrow product because I really have nothing to use, (Actually, I have one but the color doesn’t suit me.) so I purchased again from the same store and the same brand. Let’s see if this product is better or just the same with their eyebrow powder. (If you want to see my review on that, click here.)

     Even though the product is cheap, they have managed to put the eyebrow product in a decent packaging. Some eyebrow products doesn’t even have packaging, they just have seals on the cap. It also looks cute and very appealing.

     Each eyebrow pencil costs 100 Japanese Yen (tax not included). There are no testers but it’s really cheap. So when you won’t like this, you will only feel a little regret. I bought this from CAN DO, a variety store in Japan that sells 100 Japanese Yen products. This is also available in YESSTYLE.COM for 4.80 USD each. (to go directly to that page, click here)

INFORMATION: Eyebrow pencil which finishes natural while adjusting the outline of eyebrows. While you can softly draw with comfort, it also keeps your eyebrows beautiful throughout the day. Convenient twist-able type.

PRECAUTIONS: Please use the product carefully to avoid abnormalities. When abnormalities appear during the use of the cosmetics, please stop using. If you continue using the product, the symptoms might aggrevate, so consulting a skin specialist is recommended. (1) In case of redness, swelling, itching, irritation, and discoloration or darkening during use. (2) When your skin is exposed to direct sunlight and the symptoms mentioned appeared. ♥ Please do not use on parts where there abnormalities such as wound, swelling, rashes and so on. ♥ Please avoid the product going directly to the eyes. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with lukewarm water without rubbing. In case you can still feel that there are remains inside your eye, please consult an eye specialist. ♥ After using the product, please make sure to close the case. ♥ Please keep out of reach of children. ♥ Please do not use the pencil more than 3 mm. ♥ Please do not use with sweat or wet skin. If the skin is not dry, the product may not stick. ♥ Do not store in extremely hot or cold places, and direct sunlight.

INGREDIENTS: Beeswax, Glycerides of Hydrogenated Palm Oil Fatty Acid, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil Fatty Acid Glycerides, Japan Wax, Shea Fat, Talc, Carnauba Wax, Castor Oil, Isopropyl myristate, BHT, Paraben (+/-) Titanium Oxide, Iron Oxide

PRODUCT INFORMATION: The manufacturer and sales origin is at Tokyo-to Bunkyo-ku Seiho 2-22-21. For their product inquiries their telephone number is 03-3825-9011 but this be only in Japanese. There website is at This product is designed in Japan but was made in China.

HOW TO USE: Prepare your eyebrows with the included brush. Twist out the pencil about 2mm, fill in your eyebrows, and then using the brush, adjust the gradation.

    The container is made of plastic and feels sturdy. The 2 caps is also made of clear plastic. The pencil is easy to twist even with the slightest twist but it doesn`t twist back while using it.

     This automatic eyebrow pencil have 3 shades. I have the dark brown and the medium brown. The other one available is black.

     The brush is well made and very sturdy. The bristles are stiff and doesn`t fall off even I pull it out or use it vigorously.

     The pencil has a pointed tip but eventually this will become round-flat after the first use. 

     The quantity of the product is similar to most of the eyebrow pencils. It will last me a month to two since I don`t use eyebrow products everyday.

     On the right side is the medium brown and on the left is the dark brown. The colors look really nice.

     There are some cheap eyebrow products that has a smell (could be from the wax) but this one is scentless.

     The product is very waxy and it transfers easily with just one swipe. The harder you apply, the darker it gets. The softer you apply, the lighter it gets.

     The product is waterproof and will last throughout the day even when you sweat but do not smudge it because this is not smudge-proof.

DARK BROWN ♥ (Left) The dark brown is a little red on this picture but this one really looks good personally. It is a beautiful dark brown.
MEDIUM BROWN ♥ (Right) The medium brown is just what I expected. It makes my eyebrow looks more softer.

MIXED ♥ (Both) I tried using both shades together for gradation. I used the medium brown on my inner eyebrow to my arch while from the arch to the outer eyebrow is the dark brown. They look great when blended together.

PIGMENTATION ♥ The pigmentation is great for a cheap product. This is way more better than the other products that cost more. I can manage the pigmentation of this by the pressure I put when applying.

BLENDABILITY This is very easy to blend. It won't give you hard time on adjusting the gradation.
Other Comments
♥ I am not good at coloring my brows and I always fail on forming the shape. But this eyebrow pencil is easy to erase with just one swipe of the finger. 
♥ This is waterproof so even though I sweat, the color is still there.
♥ This is an an excellent quality for the price of 100JPY (without the tax).
♥ This is very easy to blend. I can adjust the colors by brushing.
◘ This is not smudge-proof but it doesn’t matter to me because I always fail and wanted to erase the excess easily. I also don’t rub my eyebrows so it’s not a problem for me.

♥ DIARY ENTRIES (Updates) ♥

January 20, 2018
     After walking for few minutes this morning, my brows were lost in shape. The cause may be because I oiled up a little bit  or my bangs. It is also fading slowly. 

March 13, 2018

     (Dark Brown) Even though this eyebrow pencil is not my favorite, I'm still loving it and still using it occasionally. In this picture, I drew my brows before applying makeup then applied concealer on the edges and then applied and a eyebrow mascara (DAISO Eyebrow Gel in Brown). It looks really great.

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