Review: SPRiNG Magazine's CRAYON COSME (collaboration of Suzuki Emi & BEAMS)

My love for Japanese magazine's never fade off because they also never fade in giving excitement to their readers. The contents are really great but the freebies that comes with it makes it more great. Mostly, they give pouches as their freebies and sometimes small samples of cosmetic products. But what I am most waiting for are the bags and makeups.

The SPRiNG Magazines's December issue comes with 5 face multipurpose color pens that they call Crayon Cosme. These products are from the collaboration of Suzuki Emi and BEAMS. 

The Price
The SPRiNG magazine costs 890 JPY (with the tax). The Crayon Cosme are freebies. Just buy the magazine and you'll get the products.

The Freebies
Between the pages of the magazine is this box. The box is not fancy just like the other freebies of other magazines. This is not a big deal because what important is the contents of this box.

The Crayon Cosme
The box is not the fanciest but the crayons are! When I saw this, I got more excited and wanted to use these right away. 

The Packaging
I love that they gave names to each colors. I am really satisfied with their packaging. Just be careful at the bottom part where the colors are shown because they are easily twisted. 

The Amount
I was really not expecting that the crayons would be this long. I thought that these crayons are short and only good for trial but I was wrong. It can even last for several months. (If you won't use this everyday.)

The Colors & Swatches 
(Left to Right)
Kage - Shadow ♥ This color is perfect for contouring. You can also use it for the lips and eyes.
Hikari - Light ♥ This color is intended for highlighting. It has a gold illusion
Ake - Scarlet ♥ This color is my personal favorite. It is perfect for the lips and also perfect for the cheeks.
Nakakurenai - Medium Crimson ♥ This color is for the lips and also good for cheeks.
Sango - Coral ♥ This color is for the lips but  also great for the eyes.

Contour, Highlight & Cheeks
I used Kage for contour, Hikari for highlight and Nakakurenai for my cheeks.

You can see that my face changed a little bit. They blended pretty well and looks very natural on my face. The colors can not be seen clearly on this photo but you will notice those on my other pictures below. 

I used my fingers to apply the colors because I think that the fingers are the best tool for applying and blending these kinds of products. 

Base ♥ I used Hikari for the base of my eyes. It made the base of my eyes a little brighter.

Outer Crease ♥ I used Kage for the outer crease. It wasn't that obvious but you can see that it gave a little depth on my outer creases.

Lid ♥ I used Sango for my lids. The color was sheer but it was pretty. It is perfect if you don't want a very noticeable eye shadow.

When I opened my eyes. The colors were not really visible. The colors just gave my eyes a glow.

Color Test on the Lips
I applied the crayons directly on my lips.

Kage ♥ I didn't know that it will look good on my lips. It made me like brown shades.


Sango ♥ I am not a fan of coral shades but this is just beautiful.


Nakakurenai ♥ This is the cutest pink shade I've ever had. 


Ake ♥ This is my most favorite shade. This is the perfect red for me.


The Smell
It has a scent that you may love or hate. It is similar to the magazine's makeup freebies that I have before. It is also very similar to USHAS lipsticks that I have reviewed before but not as strong as that. I really can't decide whether  the scent is similar to vanilla or coconut. But it reminds me of a spa salon.

The Texture
I thought that the texture will be bad but surprisingly it was creamy and slides easily. The colors easily transfer and creamy texture makes it easy to blend. It is also very moisturizing on the lips.

The Problem
As I was taking a picture, I noticed that the eye shadow creased. This product is probably not good as an eye shadow. 

How Long these Last

The colors just lasted for less than 4 hours. They does not set on the face so if you will be out all day long, these may not be good. But if you're the type of person who is willing to retouch, these may be good as lipsticks. (Watch my video below to see how my face looked like after wearing these for 9 hours.)

Final Thoughts
I never thought that I would love these freebies and I never thought that freebies could have beautiful shades. I love all the shades and would probably use it but not as eye shadows and not when I'm going out all day. These are good for contour, highlight, and cheeks. These are best as lipsticks.

You can also watch this review here...


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