Review: POPFEEL Lipgloss Palette

I have been waiting for this to arrive for almost a month and finally it`s on my hand. I`ve been seeing a lot of new makeup brands on different shopping sites and applications with very cheap prices and one of those is Popfeel. There are just few reviews on this brand online and I can`t find enough information about them so I am a little worried about the formulation of their products. Their website (as of November 27th of 2017) is kind of a little weird. But this product that I`m going to review is so persuading so I bought this. 

SIZE ♥ I was expecting that the palette is a little bigger but it was so small. It will fit on your makeup kit. (Please watch my Youtube Review to see the actual size.) This is cheap so I shouldn`t be complaining.

AVAILABILITY & PRICE ♥ I bought this from AliExpress (application) for 235 JPY (with the tax). The name of the seller is Rocoart Fashion. The shipping was free but it will take 19 to 32 days to arrive. I ordered this on November 2 and received it on the 25th of the same month. AliExpress is available worldwide and they also have a website. (

MANUFACTURER ♥ This product was made in China. I checked their website but it`s really weird. Now, I am skeptical about the ingredients whether these ingredients stated are true or just a show. Please enlighten me. (

PACKAGING ♥ This is what the case looks like. It`s made of plastic, plain black, and pretty simple with their logo on the middle. This is very light like there's nothing inside and feels very cheap.

PALETTE ♥ Inside, there`s no mirror and applicator, just the lip glosses but there is a plastic film for protection. The container which holds the pan is made of plastic similar to watercolor.

COLORS ♥ There are 15 colors and they really look nice. They are all good for everyday lip color except for the black. I think the colors can also be mixed to create new colors or make an ombre.

TEXTURE ♥ They are quite creamy and glides smoothly. They are very light and doesn't feel uncomfortable to the skin. They are easily smudged and not transfer proof.

SCENT ♥ The lip glosses doesn`t have scent at all. Unlike those other cheap lip products that smells weird and harmful, this products smells kind of safe.

PIGMENTATION ♥ The lip glosses aren`t full pigmented but the color is showing really nice. The colors are sheer and because they are lip glosses, they are glossy.

APPLICATOR ♥ This brush is not included with the product. I bought this lip brush from a 100 JPY store. When you don't have a brush, you can always use four pinky finger but the coverage will be too sheer. I tried it. You can also try using a cotton swab but I think it will leave residues on the lip color. 

BEFORE APPLYING ♥ It’s better to be safe than sorry so I put on a lip care product before I put on every lip color. Please do it too if you are unsure about the safeness of the product you are going to use and also do a patch test on your arms before applying on your lips.

(Click the photo to enlarge)

1 & 2 are pink shades. 3 is a combination of pink and orange. 4 & 5 are oranges. 6 is a pinkish purple. 7, 8, & 9 are nude colors. 10 is a reddish brown. 11 is a magenta. 12 is a pinkish red. 13 is a bright purple. 14 is a reddish brown. 15 is black.

COMFORTABILITY ♥ I have felt no weird sensations during the use of the product. It does not dry my lips. To be honest, they felt comfortable on the lips. (With the lip care)

COVERAGE ♥ They are quite sheer on the lips but they look really good. They are all wearable for an everyday look except for the black. I tried putting the lip color directly on the lips without the lip care and they looked more pigmented. 

RESILIENCE ♥ This does not dry and it is not transfer proof so you'll probably need to retouch casually. The palette is small to fit inside your makeup kit so you can bring this wherever you go to and retouch whenever you need to.

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