Review: DAISO ELLEFAR PRINCESS Powder Foundation (Beige Ochre)

I used to use powder foundation when I’m too lazy to apply liquid foundation or whenever I have to rush but I stopped using it when I learned about BB cushion foundations. As of now, I do not have any powder foundation in my makeup collection so this will be a good addition. 

Price & Availability
I bought this from Daiso in Harajuku for 100 JPY (without the tax). I was surprised to see that they renovate the inside of the store. There are now more cosmetics to choose. 

I think this is also available in Daiso branches in other countries. When I was in Philippines, I’m pretty sure that I saw this in a Daiso branch but the price is twice higher. 

The Packaging

One of the things that I love about Daiso cosmetics is that they really give an effort on putting guides and instructions at the back. It adds to the cuteness of the product.

I don’t know what the C means on the name of this product.

They claim that this product has hyaluronic acid which is a moisturizing ingredient. They also claim that this spreads smoothly and will give a smooth finish.

1 PLEASE PREPARE YOUR SKIN WITH A BASE ♥ To have a better finish, prepare your skin with your usual skin care and apply a primer
2 SPREAD FROM INSIDE TO OUTSIDE ♥ Use the foundation puff to apply the powder starting from inside of the face to outside and use the corners of the puff to reach the corners of the face and create a beautiful finish.
HOW TO SET FOUNDATION ♥ (The foundation came separately so you have to assemble this first before you can use this.) Take out the puff and the plastic sheet from the foundation case. Peel off the double-sided tape on the back of the foundation metal plate, put it in the foundation case then press lightly and set.

These are the parts of the powder foundation. The set includes the powder, the case with a mirror, a puff, and a plastic sheet to separate the powder and the puff.

This is what it looks like after assembling.

PRECAUTIONS ♥ In order to keep it clean, please keep the plastic sheet between puff and foundation. ♥ You can not refill this product once it is set. ♥ If your skin does not fit, please discontinue use. ♥ Please do not use when there is abnormality such as wound, swelling and eczema. If you experience abnormalities such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, color loss (vitiligo etc.) or darkening during use, please consult with a dermatologist etc. Symptoms may get worse if you continue to use it. ♥ Please tighten the lid after use. ♥ Please keep it out of reach of children. ♥ Do not store in extremely hot or cold places and direct sunlight.
INGREDIENTS ♥ Talc, Mica, Dimethicone, Magnesium Stearate Titanium Dioxide, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Hyaluronic Acid, (+/-) Iron Oxides 

This product is made in China but the quality and design is by Japan.


SHADE ♥ The Beige Ecru shade matches the shade of my wrist. I hope it also matches the shade of my face. It has shimmers in it.
SCENT ♥ There's no weird or sweet scent because this product is scentless. 
TEXTURE ♥ The powder is very light and feels nothing at all. It also glides very smoothly.

Face Test

I applied this powder foundation after applying all my skin cares. I didn't used a primer but used moisturizer instead. (Aloins Eaude Cream S)

TEXTURE ♥ The powder foundation feels comfortable and lightweight on my face. It feels smooths when you touch it.
COVERAGE ♥ I was surprised that it looked good on my face. Though the coverage weren't full but light, it still does it job on making my imperfections and redness less visible. The shimmers helped on making my skin looked glowy and radiant. It is mattifying but it has a smooth velvet finish. My eye bags also became less noticeable. I don't know if it is just my imagination but my pores really looked less noticeable to me.

WHAT IT DOES ♥ The powder foundation helps the CC Cream (BENOA JAPAN CC Cream - Mint Green) to stay longer. The CC Cream made my skin radiant but the powder added more. It also decreases the unwanted shines on my face. It also added coverage and brightens my skin more.

WHAT IT DOES ♥ The powder foundation slightly mattified the BB Cream (Ettusais BB Mineral White - 20). These two goes pretty well with each other but still the coverage is average.

WHAT IT DOES ♥ This combination of liquid foundation (Integrate Mineral Water Liquid Foundation N - Ocre 20) and powder foundation was the best among the rest. The coverage of these two were almost full but the powder really did well on setting the liquid. I think that this will also do well with other liquid foundations. 

I also tried applying the powder foundation with a wet sponge. 

APPLICATION ♥ The application is a bit harder with a wet sponge and you will need patience with this method.
COVERAGE ♥ The coverage is much better than the dry sponge and almost similar to the coverage of the liquid foundation.

(not totally problems since there is always a solution)
♦ There is no sun protection factor stated on the packaging so maybe this product has no spf at all. But you can use products with sunscreen before applying this.
♦ The puff that came with it was not so good. It is much better to use your preferred sponge, puff or brush.

My Thoughts
♥ This cheap powder foundation could be much better than the other setting powders that are much pricier. I would probably use this more often on setting my CC cream, BB cream, and liquid foundation but wouldn't use this alone. 
♥ If ever I haven't found a much better powder than this, I would probably repurchase this.
♥This is also good to bring with you outside for retouching since it has a mirror.
♥ I really love the design of the compact. It was really elegant and doesn't look like a 100 JPY makeup at all.

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