Review: BENOA JAPAN CC Cream (Mint Green)

There are a lot of redness going on with my face these past few days. I have been battling my pimples and having a hard time hiding the scars it makes. This is the perfect time to test a CC Cream. Let`s see the power of this Benoa Japan CC Cream in mint green. Will it lessen the redness and some imperfections?

Price & Amount
The price written on the box is 3000 JPY but this was on sale so I got this for only 500 JPY (without the tax). I am so happy that I was able to save 2500 JPY on this product. Being expensive originally, I expect this product to have good results. It was also my first time to purchase a CC Cream.
A tube contains 30 ml of CC Cream. This product is similar to famous luxurious brands when it comes to price (original price) and amount. 

I bought this from Don Quijote in Shibuya (click to see on Google Maps), a big discount chain store in Japan. I don't know where else to buy this. I just saw this in the store and I am not really familiar with this brand. It just became curious with this product because it was on sale.
I searched for this on Google but I haven't found much results but I found a new Benoa CC Cream (click to see). Maybe this was on sale because this is their old packaging or they already stopped producing this product.

Front of the Box
There are 3 shades available that I saw but I only bought this mint green because I know that green based cream will help to cover redness and that`s what I need right now.

They claim that this product is moisturizing, a care cream, and has SPF30/PA++ (Japanese Scale).

Back of the Box
They claim that the color will change according to each skin tone and will suppress the redness.
This also claims that this can also be a primer, foundation, sunscreen , and skin care.

The ingredients are written on the back of the box but the Japanese of this is too scientific. It is hard to translate. 

"After applying your skin care, apply this product all over your face by patting." I think I can skip my moisturizer since this also acts as one.

1 ♥ Do not use if there is abnormality on the skin.
2 ♥ In case of abnormalities appears such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation, etc. durin g use, it is recommended to go to a dermatologist.
3 ♥ Please be sure to close the cap tightly after use.
4 ♥ Please keep it out of reach of children.

These are just information about the name of the brand, maker, address, and contact number. Their website is also written here which is http:/ (click the link to go to the site).

The Container/Packaging
The packaging is a simple plastic tube and there's nothing too fancy about it. If this product is still 3,000 JPY, I probably won`t purchase it because aside from I`m not familiar with the brand and there`s no testers, the packaging doesn`t look appealing at it doesn`t matches its` price neither.

The information written here is just the same with what is written at the back of the box.

This is really just a typical tube and there's nothing special. 

The Cream
CONSISTENCY ♥ The consistency is quite thick but not to the point where it feels disturbing and heavy on the skin. It just feels like you put on a moisturizer. 
TEXTURE ♥ It do feel sticky when you touch it just after applying but once it settles on your skin, it will lessen.
COLOR ♥ The color of the cream is grayish green and there are very tiny brown particles mixed with the cream.
SCENT ♥ There is a scent but it is really good. It is similar to a lotion and it doesn't bother me at all even though I can still smell it after it settled. It wasn't annoying so this won't be a problem for me.

This was my first CC Cream because I mostly use BB Cream so I was amazed when it changed color after I swiped the cream.

I was surprised that the coverage is quite thick. The lines on my notebook was slightly covered. This could really be a foundation if you don't have a lot of redness and imperfections too hide.

Face Test
EYE BAGS ♥ My eye bags were still visible because mine were to hard to hide. But at least, the puffiness looks like it has lessened. 
ACNE SPOTS ♥ If you will look closely, some of the acne spots on my forehead have lessened. Others spots have also lightened.
REDNESS ♥ Look closely on my nose and you will see that the redness has gone.
COMPLEXION ♥ My skin looks healthy and radiant. 

EYE BAGS ♥ This is a little bit tricky. As you can see, my eye bags on the picture with CC cream and foundation on looks more puffy but it has something to do with the way I smiled my eyes on the camera. It was my fault. But actually, my eye bags looked much better with CC cream and foundation on rather than with only foundation on.
ACNE SPOTS ♥ The acne spots look less visible with the CC cream on.
REDNESS ♥ The redness (especially on my nose area) were completely covered, with or without CC cream.
COMPLEXION ♥ The complexion with the CC Cream on looks more healthy and radiant. My skin also looks good without CC Cream on but it looks plane. 

BLENDABILITY ♥ I used a wet sponge and it was really easy to put on and blend. I also tried using my hands and it also made a good result.
HOW LONG DOES IT SET? ♥ It will took several a minute to 3 minutes to settle. 
LONGEVITY ♥ I tried the longevity of this product without foundation and without setting with a powder. It will only go on for less than 5 hours even the weather was cold outside. I suggest to set to make this product stay a little longer. (See my video to see what the CC Cream looks like after 5 hours.)

My Suggestions
♥Use this as a primer. It will make applying foundation much easier. Your skin will also look more radiant.
♥If you're going outside for more than 4 hours, always set because this won't stay longer than that.

You can also watch this review here.

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