Review: AC MAKEUP TOKYO Eyebrow Powder (Dark Brown)

My favorite eyebrow pencil had ran out and this time I wanted to try other products. This time,  I have tried a 100 JPY (without the tax) eyebrow powder. At first, I was hesitant to buy this because I don`t use this kind of eyebrow product. I really thought very hard and eventually decided to buy this so I can also try eyebrow powder and possibly love it. 

Availability & Price
I bought this from a Can Do Shop, a variety store in Japan that sells 100 JPY (without the tax) products just like Daiso. This costs 100 JPY (without the tax). It is also available outside Japan on some online stores for those who want to try it. I found that this is available on, YESSTYLE.COM (click the link to go directly to their site) for 4.90 USD and I think that they ship worldwide.

These are what written at the back of the packaging. All are in Japanese so I will try my best to translate in English.

NOTICE ♥ This product has no applicator. Please use other brush. 

INFORMATION ♥ NATURAL COLOR WITH 2 COLOR GRADATION - This eyebrow powder has 2 colors combined with shades that fit with the skin. By finishing with the powder, you can draw more natural beautiful eyebrows. Greatly improved quality * New formulated powders have used on this elegant dark brown powder set. * compared to our other or old products.

1 ♥ Using an eyebrow brush, apply the dark shade from the arch going to the end of the brows.
2 ♥ Apply the lighter shade from the arch going to the inner eyebrows and then adjust the intensity of the shade.

PRECAUTIONS ♥ Please use the product carefully to avoid abnormalities. When abnormalities appear during the use of the cosmetics, please stop using. If you continue using the product, the symptoms might aggrevate, so consulting a skin specialist is recommended. (1) In case of redness, swelling, itching, irritation, and discoloration or darkening during use. (2) When your skin is exposed to direct sunlight and the symptoms mentioned appeared. ♥ Please do not use on parts where there abnormalities such as wound, swelling, rashes and so on. ♥ Please avoid the product going directly to the eyes. In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with lukewarm water without rubbing.  In case you can still feel that there are remains inside your eye, please consult an eye specialist. ♥ After using the product, please make sure to close the case. ♥ Please keep out of reach of children. ♥ Please do not store in places with high temperature, humid, and direct sunlight. ♥ Please do not use with sweat or wet skin. If the skin is not dry, the product may not stick.

INGREDIENTS ♥ Talc, Mica, Methyl Methacrylate Crosspolymer, Cetyl Dimethicone, Stearic Acid Mg, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Silicic Acid Mg, Mineral Oil, Polybutene, Phenoxyethanol, Paraben (+/-) Titanium Oxide, Iron Oxide, Manganese Violet

PRODUCT INFORMATION ♥ The manufacturer and sales origin is at Tokyo-to Bunkyo-ku Seiho 2-22-21. For their product inquiries their telephone number is 03-3825-9011 but this be only in Japanese. There website is at This product is designed in Japan but was made in China.

INSIDE THE PALETTE ♥ The palette is very handy and very easy to bring everywhere, the only problem is that there is no brush applicator because they are selling it separately. There is a mirror which is perfect when you need a quick retouch.

OUTSIDE THE PALETTE ♥ The outside of the palette is simply beautiful. It. Is pure white with their logo on the middle. The information at the back is one of their precautions and product information which can also be seen on the back of the packaging.

SHADES ♥ This dark brown palette has 2 shades; lighter and darker brown. The lighter shade is for the inner brows while the darker is for the outer.

SWATCHES ♥ The lighter shade which is on ther right looked like a scar and I doubt that this shade will be obvious on my brows. The darker shade is much better. 

GUIDE ♥ Here is a picture guide. The instruction here is the same with the instructions I already stated above. I followed this guide.

EYEBROW BRUSH ♥ This brush is not included on their product. I bought this from Miniso. 

The Test

BARE EYEBROWS ♥ My hair is quite thick. Let`s see if this will work.

LIGHT & DARK ♥ I tried the instructions on the packaging but the colors were not obvious, especially the lighter one. 

DARK ♥ Still, the colors weren`t too obvious. 

LIGHT & DARK (WET) ♥ I tried to wet the brush but the lighter shade still doesn`t show off. I guess that shade is really too light for me. On the other-hand, the darker shade is somewhat showing off just a little bit.

DARK (WET) ♥ I guess this is much better. The darker shade showed off here but my hair is reallly thick. I think a good eyebrow mascara will match this eyebrow powder.  I also think this is much better is I`ll use an eyebrow pencill to line my brows and fill in with this darker shade powder. I will try this idea on my youtube review, please watch it below. I will also trim my brows.

My Optimistic Thoughts
The palette or the container of the product is simple yet beautiful. The size of the mirror is more than enough for retouching brows. 

◘ There is no brush included. (But I do understand that this is a cheap product and asking for a brush might be too much.)
◘ It wasn`t obvious on me. The darker shade which I applied using a wet brush is the only one that worked for me. (This product might look better to those who have fairer skin tone and thinner or trimmed brows.)

I will still give this a chance. I will try this again on my Youtube review. I will trim my brow and put on eyebrow mascara.

Watch my Youtube Review Here...

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