Review: Daiso Espoleur BB Foundation Spray (Natural) ファンデーションスプレー(ナチュラル)


"A cool base makeup that you just spray after putting your skin care."

I am really excited to try this Espoleur BB Foundation Spray because I haven't tried anything like this before. I remember buying one (not the same brand) but I wasn't able to try it because I accidentally left it. Will this be good or not?

Where and How Much?
I bought this from Daiso's branch located at Takeshita Street in Harajuku, Shibuya. This foundation spray costs 300JPY (tax not included). It's much pricier than the other products but it's considerable because you will not find a product like this that is much lower than its price.
What is the Shade and does it have Sun Protection Factor?
I bought the one that is in Natural but there are 2 more shades that is available. I can't remember the name of the shades but I think I get the shade that is in the middle. There are no testers so I'm just hoping that I got the shade that will compliment my skin color.
Yes it does have and surprisingly, the SPF is quite high for a 3ooJPY foundation. It has SPF50+ PA++++, so it is unnecessary to put a sunscreen before spraying this product.
The Amount
It only contains 30 grams of foundation. I searched about other foundation sprays and usually a normal can contains 75 grams. So this one has less amount but it is reasonable since this is a cheap one.
The Spray Nozzle
The spray nozzle is the same with the body sprays. You can control the amount coming out by the pressure you give on the nozzle. An ideal length, as for my experience, for spraying directly is an index finger away. I do not recommend spraying too close on the surface of the skin. After using the foundation, the nozzle will be messy so be sure to clean it after to avoid clogging.


The Smell

Honestly, the smell is not that appealing. It is similar to spray paints that are use for graffiti. It dries up my throat a little bit. It's not that strong as the spray paint but somehow it bothers me. But after just few seconds, the smell will be completely gone. 

My Application Method
At first, I tried to spray it directly on my face but it's messy so I grabbed my egg sponge and spray the foundation on it before applying on my face. It is easier to apply on that way. I just dabbed the foundation on my face.
Though the product says to apply it directly on the skin, it is still advisable to spray it first to a sponge, beauty blender or anything you prefer. Applying directly is very messy and the smell won't be good for anyone to smell. But if you still want to apply it directly on the skin, close your eyes and try to hold your breath because the smell will linger for a couple of seconds. Also, if you really intend to do it directly, do not do your brows and lips yet, just your skincare and your favorite primer.
Without Primer 

With Primer

The Coverage
It is light to heavy coverage. At first application the coverage will be light but what's good on this foundation is that it is buildable. It does cover some of my spots that my recent foundation couldn't do. I even don't have to use concealer anymore. This foundation really dries up fast. When you are going to build the foundation, make it fast because when it dries up and if you try to put another layer, it will create patches. But when primer was applied before foundation, there will be more time to build the foundation. (may depend on different primers)

The first layer gives you a natural looking foundation. Going for second layer gives a medium coverage. The third was heavy to full.

The Finish
Without the primer the finish was also great! The finish is about the same with the primer on. I have the choice not to use setting powder anymore because it sets on my skin pretty well by itself but my skin is too oily so it is safer to set with a powder. It has a velvety matte finish which I really liked.
The Sensation on the Skin
The temperature depends on how far you spray the foundation. The farther you spray the less cold it will be. But please do not spray too close, it is too cold. Also even you spray it first to a sponge it will still be cold but I love the feeling of it.It is lightweight on the skin and it feels nothing. You won't feel any weird sensations on the skin. It is not sticky. (may vary on different skin type)

Does it Oxidized?
Surprisingly, no! It does not oxidized and it was consistent.

How long does it Stays?
The foundation stayed up for 7 hours. I think it can still go longer but I had to remove my makeup. I didn't need to retouch and it did not became cakey. I have an oily skin so I was surprised that I didn't oiled up. 

Did I liked It?
Yes! I liked it and I think I will use it more often. I was really impressed on this 300JPY (without the tax) foundation spray. Honestly, it does not look like cheap at all. This is comparable to high priced foundation.

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Made in Japan

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