Review: Daiso Ellefar Shine Color Eyes C (Gold)

I used to have a lot of eye shadow palettes but most of them were never used because I only wear the same colors every time I do my makeup.  I am also not a professional make-up artist so I am also not good at this. It is just because I love makeup so much that I want to learn more. As a start, I would like to try cheap products and gradually upgrade as I go on with this blog.

I know that this Daiso's Ellefar Shine Color Eyes has more than one palette but unfortunately there is only one available at that time. I got the gold palette and the colors are really attractive so I was really looking forward on reviewing this.

Where? How Much? Amount?
I bought this from Daiso Harajuku branch for only 100 JPY. (without tax) It contains 6.2 grams of eye shadow.

The Packaging
The outer packaging makes the product cheap but this is really cheap so there's nothing to complain. But the design was really attractive. It could be the reason why people wanna buy this palette once they see it.

The palette is made of hard plastic and is simple. I love how they put a little effort on making the eye shadows look as if they were gems. 

The palette has no mirror attached to it but it has an applicator.

The Eyeshadows
The eye shadows are shimmery and there is really no doubt that my eyes will shine after applying the colors. There are 6 colors that makes this a very good deal. When I saw the colors, I already knew that I will be able to use all the colors from the palette.

At the first glance, I could already see that this can also be used as a highlighter. I tried so hard to make the first from the left eye shadow to be obvious but I still failed. It is quite hard to get the color with just one swipe of my finger. It took several swipe to get a decent amount of pigment. 

The Applicator
The palette came with a mini double-sided sponge eye shadow applicator. Though I own some brushes for eye shadows, I decided to test these eye shadows with the provided applicator and fingers for applying and blending.

Before Applying
To really test the colors of this product, I will try this palette with a primer and without.

I will be using my Proof 10 Eye Primer of Etude House.

Test 1
There is a technical advice at the back of the outer packaging. I have followed it to see the look that it will give.

1ST STEP ♥ I applied the lightest color to my whole eyelid, under my eyebrows and under my inner lower eyelids.

2ND STEP ♥ I applied a middle color eye shadow on my whole eyelids and under my outer lower eyelids.

3RD STEP ♥ I applied the darkest color just above my upper eyelids or the spot where we usually put eyeliner.

Final Look 1
The result was not too obvious. The final look just made my eyes look brighter.

Test 2
I also tried applying the eye shadows on my own way. I used all the colors from the palette to  see if the combinations will be good.

♥ 1ST STEP ♥

♥ 2ND STEP ♥

♥ 3RD STEP ♥

♥ 4TH STEP ♥

♥ 5TH STEP ♥

♥ 6TH STEP ♥

Final Look 2
The result was pretty good. I never thought that the combinations will be as good as this. It gave an everyday makeup look perfect when you just want to be simple. 

My Thoughts
PIGMENTATION ♥ It took several application to get the pigment that I wanted but I was not disappointed at all since I still achieved what I wanted. What's important is important for me is that it works!

BLENDABILITY ♥ This palette didn't gave me a hard time blending it's colors. It was really easy to blend it with the provided applicator or with fingers.

WITHOUT THE PRIMER ♥ Without the primer, the colors were visible. This is perfect for those who only wants a little color and shimmer in their eyes.

WITH THE PRIMER ♥ With the primer, the colors were really enhanced and made the pigments more visible. This is good for those who want to be a little bold on their eye area. It was still not strongly pigmented but for me it is still perfect.

PROBLEMS ♥ The only problem that really bothered me is the eye shadow fallout. There will be a lot of fallout so, I recommend to do the eye shadow first before applying foundation to avoid ruining it. To lessen the fallout, use an eye primer.

LONGEVITY ♥ After 7 hours the eye shadow was still great, with primer and without eye primer. There was no creasing.

Mica, Talc, Lanolin Oil, Mineral Oil, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, BHA, Propylparaben, (+/-) Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, CI42090, CI19140, CI15850 (Red6, Red7), Ultramarines, Chromium Oxide Greens, Manganese Violet, Pearl Powder

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