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Unboxing: BLOOMBOX October 2017

I finally received my BLOOMBOX and it arrived really on their promised date. This is the first time that I availed a beauty subscription box here in Japan. I used to subscribe to a beauty subscription box in the Philippines and the thrill of not knowing what's inside the box makes me wanting for more.
What is BLOOMBOX? BLOOMBOX is a monthly beauty subscription box that is available in Japan. A box would contain 5 sample sizes of beauty products and if you're lucky, there could be a full sized product.

This is what the box looks like and it is not as big as what it looks like on the picture. Measuring by my hand, the width is the same as the distance between the tip of my thumb to the tip of  my baby finger pointed at opposite directions.
How Much? I subscribed for a monthly plan since I just wanted to try it first. The monthly plan costs 1,620 JPY (tax included). The 6-month plan costs 8,640 JPY (tax included). The 12-month plan costs 16,200 JPY (tax included),
The Weight of the Box

Review: Daiso Ellefar Shine Color Eyes C (Gold)

I used to have a lot of eye shadow palettes but most of them were never used because I only wear the same colors every time I do my makeup.  I am also not a professional make-up artist so I am also not good at this. It is just because I love makeup so much that I want to learn more. As a start, I would like to try cheap products and gradually upgrade as I go on with this blog.

Review: Daiso Eyebrow Gel (Brown) ダイソーアイブロウジェル

I can go outside without wearing any makeup except for eyebrow mascara. I don't know what's in it but I think this could be enough for me. I have natural black brows and my hair was dyed with brown so eyebrow mascara matches the colors of my brows to my hair. My old eyebrow mascara is about to run out and I need a new one. Can this Daiso's product replace my old one?

Review: Daiso Espoleur BB Foundation Spray (Natural) ファンデーションスプレー(ナチュラル)

“スキンケア後に、「シュッ」するだけの、クールなベースメイク!”"A cool base makeup that you just spray after putting your skin care."
I am really excited to try this Espoleur BB Foundation Spray because I haven't tried anything like this before. I remember buying one (not the same brand) but I wasn't able to try it because I accidentally left it. Will this be good or not?

Review: Daiso Haruhime Foundation Brush (200¥) No.6

Here is another review for Daiso's Haruhime foundation brush but it is not like the first one I reviewed. This foundation brush has round bristles and is flat at it's top. I can't remember if I have tried a brush like this before when I was in the Philippines.