Review/Unboxing: king Fotopro DIGI-204 BK Compact Tripod

It has been 2 years since I posted my last blog entry. AND NOW, I AM BACK! Yeay!
To start again, since I am also doing a youtube blog, I needed a tripod so I searched around Shibuya for the most affordable yet has a good quality. I went to Bic Camera, to Don Quixote, and lastly to Yamada Denki Labi.

Where did I bought this?
I bought this from Yamada Denki LABI in Shibuya, Tokyo. This is one of Japan's big electronic shop. The building has 6 floors with a basement. In this shop you can find gadgets, gaming consoles, beauty stuffs, home electronics, cameras and a lot more. The camera section was on 5th floor so I went there straight away and found the space of various tripods.

What is the price?
Without the tax, it would be 1,980 Yen  but  with tax it's 2,138 Yen.
This was the cheapest that I have seen there. You can find 50 plus tripods from low quality to high quality. This is really good for the price because there are much more tripod that costs more than this but do not have good quality like this one. 

What are the characteristics according to the box?
♥ The Pipe's maximum diameter is 20 millimeter. ♥
♥ It has 4 stages/sections. ♥
♥ The minimum height is 390 millimeters. ♥
♥ The maximum height is 1,200 millimeters.♥
♥ The height when it is folded is 380 millimeters. ♥
♥ The weight is 570 grams. ♥
♥ The maximum load is 1.5 kilograms. ♥

What is/are inside the box?
The tripod comes with a bag. I don't know if it is waterproof though. But the quality of the bag is good.
You can also wear the bag in 2 different ways.

Here is the tripod when it is folded.

What are the instructions?

1. Spread the legs properly.

2. Leg levers.

This tripod has 3 leg levers.

Pull the lever to extend the legs.

Push the lever back to lock it in place.

3. Elevation stopper. Turn the pipe to descend and ascend. Adjust the height manually.

4. You can pull up, pull down, pull right, and pull left the handle.

5. There is also a lever to adjust the mount to your desired camera position.

What are the characteristics according to me?
Honestly, I really haven't bought any camera tripods before so I'm not knowledgeable about this. But I think, this is sturdy enough for doing video blogging inside and some light outdoor shootings. This may not support heavy cameras because of the lightness. The tripod may fall when a much heavier camera is to be install. I am very satisfied with this knowing that it is the cheapest yet much better than the others that I saw

What are the safety precautions?
♥ Make sure the stopper and locks are securely screwed to avoid breaking cameras and injury to a person. ♥
♥ Make sure the legs are opened properly to avoid falling of camera. ♥
♥ Install the camera to the mount properly to avoid falling of camera. ♥
♥ Do not carry the tripod with the camera mounted on it to avoid damage on camera. ♥
♥ Do not stand it on an unstable place. It may cause the camera fall and injure a person. ♥
♥ Do not attach a camera that is over 1.5 kilograms even if it's within the range. ♥

Where it is made?
It was made in China but maybe the materials came from Japan just like any other products.

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