Review: Daiso Haruhime Foundation Brush (deep scarlet) No.30

This is one of the brushes that was included in my Daiso haul blog and I am really looking forward on trying this because I don't own a foundation brush. I always use my egg sponge for applying foundation and I don't know if a Daiso foundation brush can be much better. So read further as I try and give my honest review to this foundation brush.

Where and How Much?
I bought this from Daiso's branch located at Takeshita Street in Harajuku, Shibuya. The brushes there comes in different prices but this one costs 100JPY (108JPY with tax).

Descriptions in the Front
On the packaging, there are words that were in Katakana (リキッドファンデーションブラシ)just below where the "Foundation Brush" was placed at. In English, it is just "Liquid Foundation Brush." There is also two Kanjis(春姫)  at the lower right which is read as Haruhime. When you look for it in the dictionary, you may not find it because this is used as a name. But when you search for it separately the meaning will be Spring Princess. So Haruhime might be the name of the brand or brushes. Well, most of the brushes in Daiso is Haruhime. There is also Hiragana words (ごくふわっ) written on the upper right of the packaging and it means very soft.

Descriptions at the Back
On the back of the packaging, the "how to clean," "how to store," "caution," and "material" was already translated to English so knowing these stuffs won't be hard. But there are still non-translated words at the upper part. Beside the "liquid foundation brush," which I already translated, there are Kanjis (深緋色)that are place inside the parentheses. This means deep scarlet, the color of the handle. 

Body: Wood / Bristles: Nyon / Connector: Aluminum

What it Claims?
“It is a brush finished in a natural impression with gentle and ultra-fine hair, gentle to the skin.”
(translated with Google Translate.)

I'm going to use my MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

This is what it looks like when you dip the brush onto the foundation.

This is what my face looks like without applying foundation.

This is after applying using the Daiso Haruhime Foundation Brush No.30

My Thoughts
It is really very gentle to the skin. It glides smoothly without hurting my skin. The bristles are soft and without knowing the price, I may mistaken it for a pricey foundation brush. The brush doesn't made weird creases on my face. I'm so impressed!

How to Clean?
♥ Wipe of brush after use.
♥ (1) Stir the brush around gently in warm water mixed with a small amount of neutral detergent. (2) Rinse well, squeeze out the water and dry it out.

How to Store? 
♥ Keep out of reach of children.
♥Do not store in a place subject to direct sunlight or high temperature and humidity.

◘ Do not use on areas with sores or broken skin.
◘ Stop use immediately if irritation occurs.
◘ Immediately discontinue use if the product becomes deformed or damaged.
◘ Keep away from fire and other sources of heat.
◘ Do not use this product for purposes other than its originally intended purpose.

Quality and Design by DAISO JAPAN
Made in China

You can also watch my video blog of this on Youtube

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