Haul: Daiso Japan Harajuku

I went to Daiso Japan located at Takeshita Street last week to buy some stuffs. This is really one of my favorite shops especially that particular branch. Want to know why, then read further. (/^▽^)/

What is Daiso?
Daiso is a famous shop here in Japan for selling very cheap everyday-used products. While other shops are selling very pricey products, Daiso is selling almost all of theirs for as low as 100 yen. Sometimes, it makes me wonder why just 100 yen. A bag-pack for 100 yen?! That's insane! And what's surprising are most of what they are selling are so cute and tempting to buy.  (with the tax is 108 yen)

There are also Daiso branches all over the world but the price is not the same as in Japan. The price might be 2 times higher. 

The Harajuku Branch
My favorite Daiso's branch is located in Takeshita Street just in front of Harajuku station. That street is very famous for it's numerous fashion boutiques, cafes, sweet crepes, and a lot more. Being located in that street, this branch is always packed with a lot of people. There are also many foreigners that shop here since they can also buy Japanese souvenirs here. The building has 3 floors and one basement.

The Things I Bought
Rose Basket with Partitions (Pink & White)
These are really the purpose of going to Daiso. I really needed a basket to arrange my cosmetics in my drawer since they are all just scattering over and couldn't find what I'm going to use in times I do my makeup.  There are a lot of baskets there but this type is what attracted me the most. I love pastel colors and the design are just too cute. 

Regaria Tray (Small)
I also bought small ones. The design was different from the big ones but the design made me feel like it's a princess thing. I decided to put my liners, lipsticks and other long stuffs here. 

Wrist Watch Metal Band Adjustment Tool (Set 2)
I have a watch that I bought about months ago but couldn't wear it because it was too big for my wrist so I bought this. I don't have an experience using this kind of thing but  think it will be easy. This one costs 300 JPY (324JPY with tax).

Smartphone Stand -Tripod-
I bought this because I thought I will be using my smartphone for my video blogging for a long time but luckily I was able to buy a new camera. I can still use this one for watching videos so I won't have to hold my phone for a long time.

Smartphone Cleaner Wet Tissue
My phone and tablet are already full of fingerprints so I'll be needing this one. I haven't cleaned my phone for a long time. Maybe I can use this to other gadgets too.

Peeled Roasted Chestnuts
I already tried this before and it was really good. The first time I saw it, I thought it wouldn't taste that good like the freshly cooked but I was wrong. When you reheat it, the taste is quite the same as the freshly roasted chestnuts. I wanna eat it again. I should have bought two more. 

Haruhime Makeup Brushes
I don't have a foundation brush and a powder brush and they look promising. The hair looks soft and there are a lot. There are also other brushes there but didn't bought those since I already have those types. The foundation brush with transparent handle and the large prowder brush are 200JPY each. (216 with tax)

Makeup Brush Cleaner
I clean my brushes with facial soap and it is not easy as I have to repeat cleaning several times. Maybe now, cleaning my brushes will be easier for me. The only thing I have to worry about is drying my brushes.

Espoleur BB Foundation Spray (Natural)
This also looks promising. I haven't seen this one before so maybe it is a new product. I also don't know how to use this one since I have no experience using foundation sprays. Is it much better than the liquid type? This one costs 300JPY. (324 with tax)

Eyebrow Gel (Brown)
My brow gel is already running out and I wanna try if a 100JPY will look the same as the one I am using. If this works, I might use this for a long time. I'm not that picky when it comes to brow gel. I just want one that looks natural and stays for a long time.

Shine Color Eyes (Gold)
This really made me curious. An eye-shadow pallete for 100JPY? Wow! I think there are also other shades of this but this is the only available in their branch. Maybe the others were already sold out since there were spaces on the shelf where I got this. There are also other kinds of eye shadow palletes. I also want to try those.

Ellefar Hanataka Powder (Nose Highlight Powder)
I already have highlighters but they are all pressed and these are powdered so I wanna try. I have here two shades, pearl white and pearl pink. Honestly, I still don't know how to apply highlighter properly. 

Mirror Nail Powder (Pink)
This is the last one. I already saw a lot of this but so expensive. I'm not a fan of nail polishes or designs (because I always fail on those stuff) so I don't wanna buy expensive stuffs for my nails except for nail cares.  But this one is cheap so why not try.

Final Thoughts
I really love the feeling after shopping in Daiso. Imagine your 1-2 hours cost of work can buy a lot of things that you can use for a very long time. There are a plenty of things you can find there, and for sure that once you enter a Daiso shop you will not leave empty handed. So if you are planning a trip to Japan, Daiso is one of the must place to shop. 

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