Review: USHAS Lips Amore 7pcs Mini Lip Color Collection

"The cheapest lipstick collection I have ever bought."

The Price
This collection set cost 169 PHP in SM North Edsa Department Store (Philippines). 

The Number of Items in the Set
There are 2 lip liners, 2 chunky lip mini pencils, and 3 moisturizing lip-glosses. 

The Packaging 
All are made of plastic. Well, that was understandable since this is a very cheap product.

The Shades

♥ Berry Punch and Coffee Date (Top to Bottom) ♥ 

The lip-liners from above match these lipsticks.
♥ Plum Raisin and Vanilla Latte (Top to Bottom) ♥

♥ Pink Champagne, Fuchsia Kiss 
and Crantini (Top to Bottom) ♥

The Swatches

♥ Coffee date Lip Liner + Vanilla Latte Lipstick ♥
The lines on my lips are still showing. 
It has a creamy texture.
It was hard to cover my lips completely so I put several layers of the lipstick.

♥ Berry Punch Lip Liner + Plum Raisin Lipstick ♥
This performs a little bit better than the Vanilla Latte.
It has a creamy texture.
It has an average coverage.
I also put several layers.

♥ Champagne Lip-Gloss ♥

♥Fuchsia Kiss Lip-Gloss ♥ 

♥ Crantini Lip-Gloss ♥

The Texture
The lipsticks are very creamy while the lip-glosses are gel.

The Scent
Is it vanilla or is it coconut? I can't decide. I love scents on lip products but the scent of these is just too strong for me.

What I Like
♥ This is not only affordable but also very cheap. ♥
♥ There are 7 products in this cheap collection. ♥
♥ All of the products are moisturizing. ♥
♥ I love the Plum Raisin. ♥

What I Dislike
♦ I couldn't even out the product on my lips even I put several layers. (Vanilla Latte) ♦
♦ The lines are still showing. (Vanilla Latte) ♦
♦ The scent is too strong for me. (All) ♦
♦ It takes several layers to even out the lipstick on my lips. (Lipsticks) ♦
♦ Not long-lasting (Lipsticks) ♦
♦ There is also a taste which I don't like on lip products. (All) ♦
♦ I'm not that comfortable wearing this. It's kinda heavy on my lips. (All except Lip-liners) ♦

When I first swatched it on my video blog, I thought that I can bear the scent but after 1 hour, I was in the car at that time, the scent is still there and still strong. It made me dizzy.

Don't expect much but these are all wearable. 

You're preferences might differ from mine. :D

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