Review: TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Hot Girl Lip Sticker (#6 Sunday Rose)


The Price
It costs 435 PHP (with the tax) in Too Cool for School branch in SM North Edsa. (Philippines) (closed by now) 

The Quantity
The lipstick is just 2 grams.  It's probably smaller than a normal lipstick.

The Shades
There are 12 shades available and I got mine in the shade of #6 Sunday Rose.

The Packaging
The cap is made of plastic with a cute plaid sticker. The sticker kinda made the product looked cheap but the container of the lipstick is made of metal.

The lipstick bullet is only 1 inch or half the size of a regular lipstick.

It's glides smoothly and has a creamy texture.
It's really pigmented and you can notice that it is a semi-matte.

I really love the shade but I can still see the flakes on my lips so better exfoliate your lips first before applying this product. 

The Texture
The lipstick is super duper creamy that it melts easily. I broke my lipstick why applying the product.

The Scent
The scent of this lipstick was really good. It smells like rose. It is my favorite scent of a lipstick. Probably, most will love this.

What I Like
♥ It glides very smoothly. ♥
♥ It has Jojoba oil that moisturizes the lips. ♥
♥ It is very pigmented. ♥
♥ I love the rose fragrance. ♥
♥ It leaves a stain. ♥

What I Dislike
♥ I can still see the flakes on my lips. ♥
♥ Is it just the lipstick I got or the container is really hard to twist. ♥
♥ It bends easily. ♥

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