Review: REVLON Ultra HD Lipstick (850 HD Iris)

"Lightweight, High-Definition Color"
"Unique, wax-free gel formula for vivid color in one smooth swipe. 20 standout shades to love."
- Revlon -

The Price & Where
It costs 575 PHP (with the tax) in SM Department Store (Philippines).

The Shades 
There are 20 shades available  but I only bought the HD Iris. 

The Packaging
I love the way they made the cap clear so I wouldn't need to open the cap just to see the actual color of the lipstick. The lipstick is a little bit protruded so I need to be extra careful when putting the cap on. The cap is made of a sturdy plastic but it looks like glass and the rest is made of metal. 

The lipstick will be locked when you twist it all the way down to avoid twisting accidentally. 

The Swatch
The lipstick has good pigmentation but there are some tiny chunks forming.

♥ Without flash (One Swipe) ♥

♥ With flash (One Swipe) ♥

The Texture
The texture is very creamy and it moisturizes the lips. It is very easy to apply the product in just one swipe. 

The Scent
It smells like vanilla. The smell is very noticeable. Some may like the smell and some may not.

What I Like
♥ I like the vanilla scent. ♥
♥ It has good pigmentation. ♥
♥ It does not define the cracks on my lips. ♥ 
♥ I love how you can lock the lipstick to avoid accidentally twisting it up. ♥
♥ It is long lasting. ♥
♥ It glides very smoothly on my lips. ♥
♥ It is light-weight. ♥

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