Review: MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Velvet Matte by colorsensational

"Kiss your old mattes goodbye!"

That is what Maybelline New York said with their newest Velvet Matte cream-to-matte lip color by colorsensational. They introduced this as the most intense matte with a velvet smooth sensation. They also said that it has intense color, long-lasting and moisturizing.

The Price & Where
These costs 349 PHP each in SM Makeup Section (Philippines). I can't find these on their international website so maybe these are only limited to some countries. I found that it is also available in Japan and on their Japanese website. It costs ¥1500.(Click here to go on their Japanese website.)

The Quantity 
One tube contains 5ml of the product. 

The Packaging & Applicator
The cap is a matte black rubber while the applicator is a teardrop shape and has tiny soft bristles. The container is also made of sturdy plastic but looks like glass.

The Shades & Swatches
In Philippines, there are 9 shades but I found out that there are also other shades that are available on other countries.

MAT 1 ♥ This shade is a fuchsia pink and the second to my favorite shades.

MAT 2 ♥ This shade is a simple pink and my favorite among all the shades. 

MAT 5 ♥ This shade is coral. This is one of my least favorite not because the color is bad. The color is actually good but I am not a fan of coral lipstick shades.

MAT 6 ♥ This shade looks like purple pink on my swatch but looks like magenta on my lips.

MAT 8 ♥ This shade seems like strawberry to me. This is like in the middle of pink, coral and red.

MAT 9 ♥ This shade is a blue undertone red. This is one of the red lipsticks that I likes.

MAT 10 ♥ This shade is quite hard to determine. I is like in the middle of fuchsia and magenta.

The Scent
There is a very faint scent that I cannot determine but not that bothersome. It is almost scentless. 

The Taste?
There is no weird taste.

What I Like
♥ All of the shade are highly pigmented. ♥
♥ There is almost no scent. ♥
♥ There is no weird taste. ♥
♥ This is very moisturizing on the lips. ♥
♥ It stains even the product is already gone. ♥
♥ It has simple yet good packaging. ♥
♥ It has good applicator. ♥

What I Dislike
♦It’s takes several minutes for the product to dry completely. ♦
♦ It's glossy at first. ♥

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