Review: DAISO Espoleur Mascara (Black, Brown, & Clear)

PRICE & AVAILLABILITY I bought these in Daiso Harajuku branch located at Takeshita Street. Each mascara costs 200 JPY (without the tax). This pricing is not usual on Daiso because the products there costs 100 JPY (without the tax). The products that cost much higher than 100 JPY are usually have much better quality.

WHAT THEY CLAIM? The black is said to make your lashes up but look natural. The brown one claims to give you fluffy and natural looking lashes. The clear claims that it is safe to apply to lashes with extension.

INGREDIENTS BLACK & BROWN Water, Glyceryl Stearate, Ammonium Acrylates Copolymer, Beeswax, Stearic Acid, Arginine, Carnauba Wax, Ceresin, Pentylene Glycol, Oleic Acid, Xanthan Gum, Phenoxyethanol, Polyvinyl Alcohol Methylparaben, Tocopherol, BG, Kiwi Extract, Murasaki Goby Blue Flower/Leaf/Stem Extract, Lavender Flower Extract, Bilberry Fruit Extract, (+/-) Iron Oxide, SilicaCLEAR Water, Ethanol, Carbomer, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Pentylene Glucol, Phenoxy…

Review: MISSHA Air In Puff (Cushion Foundation Designated Puff)

I saw this Missha Air In Puff in a drugstore and thought that this could be the fastest and convenient tool to apply foundation. I used to own a Missha Cushion Foundation and I really loved it. 

INGREDIENTS ♥ Wet Process Polyurethane.

STRUCTURE ♥ According to MISSHA, this puff has a 3-layer structure. The middle layer absorbs the product and dispenses it through the bottom layer, evenly distributing the product to skin. The adherence was also increased. It is made of Polyutherane material with fine holes that applies makeup evenly, and improves its adherence with more patting.

(click the photo to enlarge)
COLOR ♥ The color is  royal blue. For me colored puffs such as this are much better than white ones because the stains are really hard to remove and it makes puffs look dirty. 
TEXTURE ♥ The puff is so soft and smooth. This is really friendly and gentle on the face. It is the most comfortable applicator that I have ever used.
HOW TO USE ♥ According to MISSHA, grab the product with the puff…


This ranking is according to my own experience and the products included here are the products that I have reviewed in this blog.

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Review: AC MAKEUP TOKYO Automatic Eyebrow Pencil (Medium Brown & Dark Brown)

Here is another eyebrow product review. I have recently reviewed an eyebrow product from the same brand but unfortunately, I was not satisfied. I badly needed an eyebrow product because I really have nothing to use, (Actually, I have one but the color doesn’t suit me.) so I purchased again from the same store and the same brand. Let’s see if this product is better or just the same with their eyebrow powder. (If you want to see my review on that, click here.)

PACKAGING ♥ Even though the product is cheap, they have managed to put the eyebrow product in a decent packaging. Some eyebrow products doesn’t even have packaging, they just have seals on the cap. It also looks cute and very appealing.
PRICE & AVAILABILITY ♥ Each eyebrow pencil costs 100JPY (without the tax). There are no testers but it’s really cheap. So when you won’t like this, you will only feel a little regret. I bought this from CAN DO, a variety store in Japan that sells 100 JPY products. This is also available in YESSTY…

Review: POPFEEL Lipgloss Palette

I have been waiting for this to arrive for almost a month and finally it`s on my hand. I`ve been seeing a lot of new makeup brands on different shopping sites and applications with very cheap prices and one of those is Popfeel. There are just few reviews on this brand online and I can`t find enough information about them so I am a little worried about the formulation of their products. Their website (as of November 27th of 2017) is kind of a little weird. But this product that I`m going to review is so persuading so I bought this. 

SIZE ♥ I was expecting that the palette is a little bigger but it was so small. It will fit on your makeup kit. (Please watch my Youtube Review to see the actual size.) This is cheap so I shouldn`t be complaining.

AVAILABILITY & PRICE ♥I bought this from AliExpress (application) for 235 JPY (with the tax). The name of the seller is Rocoart Fashion. The shipping was free but it will take 19 to 32 days to arrive. I ordered this on November 2 and received it…

Review: AC MAKEUP TOKYO Eyebrow Powder (Dark Brown)

My favorite eyebrow pencil had ran out and this time I wanted to try other products. This time,  I have tried a 100 JPY (without the tax) eyebrow powder. At first, I was hesitant to buy this because I don`t use this kind of eyebrow product. I really thought very hard and eventually decided to buy this so I can also try eyebrow powder and possibly love it. 

Unboxing: BLOOMBOX November 2017

This is my second BLOOMBOX and the excitement is still the same as when I first received my first one. Unfortunately, this will be my last BLOOMBOX this year and I'm planning to continue again next year and I still don't know which month.
What is BLOOMBOX? BLOOMBOX is a monthly beauty subscription box that is available in Japan. A box would contain 5 sample sizes of beauty products and if you're lucky, there could be a full sized product.